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The 21st Century Job Skills courses will definitely help you and your staff be ahead of the curve and help you get the job and success you want in 2020 and beyond! Running a fast growing company, I'm always on the lookout for new promising talent. One thing that makes candidates stand out and makes us keep them long-term is being competitive and having superb people's skills, or what is called now the the 21st century job skills. Being good at  technical tasks only does not work anymore for us. Clients are increasingly demanding, they are in different parts of the world, they have different work cultures, and to keep them happy we look for talent with top communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence skills not just technical skills." - Eduard Stinga


An absolute 'must have'

An absolute 'must have' for any business leader, manager, employee or entrepreneur. A thorough and essential resource for all businesses hoping to survive and thrive in the 21st century!  The material is fascinating and inspires both introspection and team work as it delves deep into how the human element is essential to help businesses and individuals get ahead.  At a time when technology is expanding our lives in every way; when change is constant and quick and innovation is a must, these courses help teach the human skills that expand, enhance and inspire creative ideas, problem solving, conflict resolution and inspires success in all areas of business and our lives." - Mindy Williamson

I feel much more confident now

The 21st century has brought us almost limitless opportunities for professional growth, but also new and previously unknown challenges. For me, as a busy freelance entrepreneur, some of the greatest challenges have always been establishing constructive communication with my international clients and successfully delegating work when needed. I found the “Effective Communication” and “Collaboration” courses extremely helpful in improving these two areas. The courses are concise yet offer great insights and concrete advice on how to communicate and collaborate with others better, starting from the basic and often ignored aspects, such as optimizing your voice tone and how you sound to others, to more complex areas such as how to communicate and collaborate when leading a whole team on a project, for example. I feel much more confident to delegate work to others and negotiate new business opportunities now that I’ve improved my collaboration and communication skills. The next step for me is to complete the rest of the courses from the 21st century skills package." - Jelena Marjanovic

Highly recommended

The effective communication for the 21st century course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and adapt them to the fast-paced environment we live in today. As a university professor, I cannot stress enough the importance of communication in making or breaking careers. It’s an extremely important skill and more so in this digital era. Highly recommended” - Dragan Stojkovic

Huge impact on me

The Complex Problem Solving course gave me a fresh new perspective on my job where I often have to juggle a lot of priorities simultaneously while working within a very diverse team. This course had a huge impact on me." - Jennifer Dewar

I feel very empowered now

I feel very empowered after completing the Resilience and Grit course! The course offered valuable knowledge and actionable insights on how professionals in this challenging economy can push beyond perceived boundaries to truly withstand and succeed in a volatile job market." - Ahmad Moussa

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