11 Underrated Skills and How They Can Help You Excel at Work

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Sure, your school papers are essential. You probably wouldn’t have a job without them. But how do you climb up the career ladder? Apparently, there are skills that aren't taught in school. These abilities do not appear in your resume, and your employer never listed them as job requirements.

So what are those mysterious skills and abilities?

They are known as soft skills. Internal skills spell out how you manage your life, while external skills dictate your relations with those around you.


Internal Underrated Skills That Help You Excel At Work


1. Positivity



Positivity is the art of having optimistic thoughts and expecting good things to happen. It means that you keep your eyes on the bright side no matter how dark it seems.

When worry-free, you have more energy to complete tasks. Your interactions with workmates
and customers you serve are so good that cause a ripple effect throughout the organization. In the end, you receive enough appreciation that your career can go nowhere else but up.


2. Curiosity


You're probably wondering – how can curiosity help you excel at work? Well, the answer is simple - curiosity is only satisfied by attaining more knowledge. It keeps you asking the "why" and "how" questions, which inspires you to look for smarter, practical solutions to everyday problems. Curiosity makes you more inclined to seek out additional training and pursue professional development opportunities.


3. Self-confidence


The trust you have in your abilities and judgments is your self-confidence. Therefore, you face challenges without second-guessing yourself.


Self-confidence perfectly compliments curiosity. The world is your oyster, and you are not scared to try new things since you are confident enough to know you will make it. Believing in yourself ultimately influences others to believe in you too, and then excelling at work will come naturally.


4. Empathy


Empathy is that ability to understand and share others' feelings and perspectives— you can read into people's thoughts and know how they feel.


Creating personal relations is driven by empathy. In the 21st Century, jobs will not only require IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but it will also require human skills, including EQ (Emotional Quotient). Empathy makes your workmates to admire and be loyal to you as you are to them. Good relations create a great work environment where you can grow and excel.


5. Patience


Patience is about how well you can tolerate the circumstances around you without becoming annoyed - you keep a calm mind when the odds are not in your favor.


The world is enfolded with competition and that can sometimes provoke racy thoughts. Patience ensures you are making all your work choices slowly but in time, and after consideration. With patience, the chances of wrong rush decisions are low. It is one of the best virtues for excelling at work.


6. Eloquence


If we marry Communication and Emotional Intelligence, eloquence will be the result of that union. Eloquence is the art of knowing what to say and how to say it. Beyond illustrating insight and intelligence by expressing ideas and thoughts clearly, eloquence is a crucial part of tact and diplomacy. Mastering the art of eloquence can help you to avoid unnecessary conflict, calm infuriated customers, and navigate the jerky waters of office politics.


7. Good Etiquette


Good manners are easy to notice, and bad manners are hard to forget. So, the way you carry yourself and how you do things can make a lasting impression on others. Practicing basic dining etiquette, making proper introductions, silencing electronic devices during meetings, and ensuring that all your emails contain a salutation and a closing reveal a level of professional refinement that can help you win over new clients and advance your career.


External Underrated Skills that Can Help You Excel at Work


These are interpersonal skills and personal traits that directly affect your relationships with other people. They emancipate from who you are and how you relate and interact with those around you. The most external underrated skills that can propel you to greatness include:


8. Influence



Influence is the ability to make people do things without using force. With influence, your actions cause people to do something out of their own volition.

Influential people grow naturally to become leaders. They inspire people by doing what's best
for everyone. If prominent, you are appreciated as your actions motivate your workmates.
Ultimately, promotions and recommendations will carry you up the career ladder.


9. Adaptability


It is the ability to adjust. Adaptable people are flexible enough to suit new situations.


Organizations must keep changing to match customer needs. The workforce must also change – use the latest technology, adhere to new rules, innovate etc. Adapting means that as the organization changes, you change with it. Adaptability is marketable and helps you excel at work.


10. Networking


Networking is the ability to interact with other people. You can create friends at work by talking and exchanging information and ideas with them. Conversations can be about work or life at home. Talking can give you a network of loyal friends who would vouch for you in case of promotions. It can also make you a conflict resolver and a team player – two things needed to thrive at work.


11. Negotiation skills


These are abilities to settle differences. It is how you walk the talk towards an agreement. Knowing how to negotiate helps you argue your way into greatness. If internal job openings arise, you can easily make a case for yourself and get better pay. Also, fruitfully negotiating on behalf of your organization will never go unnoticed. You can create good relations where there are conflicting interests.



As far as being employed is concerned, education and experience matter. Still, not everything that you have to offer as a professional was learned in class. There are many other subtle personality traits and soft skills that can enrich and transform your workplace.


Note that lacking soft skills does not make you hopeless; you can learn soft skills. Just like muscles, soft skills require practice to develop and maintain. While they are severely underrated, they are gaining more traction in recent year, and soft skills may be what you are looking for to take your career to the next level. Click here to explore what soft skills you can start building today.


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