Hello, I'm Hicham El Amrani. I created 21st Century Job Skills because I believe everyone should have access to training that will help their career take flight.

When I discovered the power of soft skills and competencies early in my own career, I saw my career take flight.

It was as if I could handle anything that came my way.

I went from being on the sidelines to being a critical member of my team, sought out for my perspective and ideas, and known for reliably producing results. I became passionate about sharing everything I knew about soft skills and was even asked by my company to lead a soft skills training initiative.

I became such an advocate for soft skills and effective communication that I became a private consultant, working with some of the most powerful leaders and successful organizations in the world to equip them and their teams with the soft skills that ignite creativity, alignment, and ambition.

I can honestly say I was living the dream.

It was when I read one of the World Economic Forum reports about 21st-century job skills that I had my a-ha moment. They determined 10 core skills that employees must have to navigate to success in an increasingly automated world. And as they went through the list, skill by skill, I thought, "These are all soft skills that helped me throughout my career and I know how to teach them to people!"

And thus, the 21st Century Job Skills global online learning platform was born

Each course is built around four core areas that are critical to future success:

Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking

Problem-Solving &
Critical Thinking
Creativity & Innovation

Creativity &
Collaboration & Communication

Collaboration &


I created 21st Century Job Skills to give you the career advantage to thrive in the 21st century

Change is coming for you
Change is coming for you

The world is changing, and the technological transformation of the workplace has completely shifted the way we work. There’s a demand for hard skills like coding and computing – but also a growing demand for soft skills: the ability to solve problems, collaborate, communicate and lead.

Being good at what you do is no longer enough
Being good at what you do is no longer enough

To compete with what businesses need today, you need to learn tactics that empower you to become the leader that drives change and impact. Being the best at what you do is no longer enough. You must show your ability to collaborate with others to solve problems and create impact. Your ability to master the 21st-century job skills will help to set you apart to help you get noticed and get promoted.

The platform you've been looking for
The platform you've been looking for

We've built 21st Century Job Skills to be a dedicated soft skills training provider that gives you an easy to learn, knowledge-packed selection of courses. We’ve researched the most important professional development skills you can learn, and we’ve turned our insights into a set of carefully crafted, 90-minute, skill-boosting training courses that will change how you work and build your career.

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Wondering if 21st Century Job Skills is right for you? Check out one of our most popular courses – Resilience and Grit: Bounce Back Fast and Crush Your Professional Setbacks with Resilience and Grit – for free.