Why the Need for 21st Century Skills?

The 21st century introduced a lot of automation to our world. We know for a fact that the scope of automation will continue to grow by the day as we step into the future. Multi-billion dollars research projects are being commissioned and implemented, as we speak, to perfect the science of machine learning and automated performance around the world.

According to some global institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), UNESCO, OECD, the World Bank, as well as world-renowned educational institutions such as Harvard and Cambridge and many more, millions of jobs may be disrupted and made redundant as a result of machine learning and automation.

The question is: how can professionals future proof their careers in the face of these fundamental changes?

The answer is simpler than you would expect.

According to the same organizations, there are certain tasks and skills, such as complex problem solving and cognitive flexibility, that will be difficult for machines to perform effectively. Some might even adeptly call these skills, the human skills.

We have identified the top skills that will make a positive impact on your career success. These are:

  1. Cognitive Flexibility & Adaptability
  2. Effective Communication Skills
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Collaboration
  5. Creativity
  6. Judgement and Decision Making
  7. Resilience and Grit
  8. Complex Problem Solving


But hang on, didn’t humans always possess and use these skills or some of them throughout the existence of humanity?

Of course, they did.

So, what changed?

It is the way that we apply these skills that has changed dramatically, especially since the birth of the Internet and the technological revolution that came after. With relying more heavily on technology, we decreased the use of these skills, that to some extent they have become dormant.

The digital age requires us to wake these skills up and employ them heavily and differently, because the tools and work environments changed, and they will continue to do so.

For example, in the past we had two or three mediums for communication only. Now, in the digital age, the number of tools we have to communicate with one another is increasingly countless, and so we have to adapt our communication styles accordingly and constantly to remain effective. The same goes for the rest of the skills. 

The infographic below summarizes the skills we need today and beyond, to capitalize on the rise of automation in creating a thriving career. 

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